Connoisseur Roberton, who produced the first three albums of the era-defining folk band Steeley Span, recognized that Gildor's music is ageless and has a modern sound that draws inspiration from the 1970s. In 2022, Roberton remarked, "It touched me so much, and I offered him a deal right away,"

In the fall of 2021, he joined forces with Beverly Martel Music and worked with Isabel Gracefield (Adele, Sam Smith, etc.) to record his debut album at RAK Studios in London. However, it wasn't certain whether Gildor's debut album, Silent River, would ever be released. Sandy Roberton of Beverly Martel Music, a British record executive, had been working with Gildor for a few years before Roberton passed away in the summer of 2022. After months of negotiations, nevertheless, there is some brighter news: Polymoon Music will release the album Silent River later this year.