Dan San

After spending time perfecting their sound, Dan San's comeback is right on time. Seven years after the release of Shelter, the Belgian outfit makes a dazzling return with Grand Salon. This long-awaited third album marks a contrast to the insane rhythm of hurried lives through a collection of accessible, distinct and timeless tracks.

Under its Francophile title, Grand Salon does not hide its ambitions nor its preference for typically Anglo-Saxon sounds. Away from the hype and listening algorithms, the musicians have taken refuge in their personal classics. Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Young or Nick Drake are all references for understanding the DNA of this new album. A renewed passion for The Beatles from the Peter Jackson documentary, as well as the Geoff Emerick biography, also fed the musicians' creativity. Although the themes explored in Grand Salon unquestionably reflect 2023, Dan San's music readily deviates from any chronology, breathing life into timeless melodies.


No One In The House

The Unknown