Indie Rock

Dangers of the Sea

"Dangers of the Sea" is a Dutch indie folk band formed by musician and songwriter Rennie Smit. The band is known for its heartfelt and introspective music, which combines elements of folk, indie rock, and Americana. The group's name, "Dangers of the Sea," is taken from the title of a book written by Joseph Conrad.

Rennie Smit, the driving force behind the band, provides vocals and plays guitar. The band's lineup has included various musicians over the years, contributing to their evolving sound and musical exploration. Dangers of the Sea's music often features poetic lyrics that delve into personal themes and emotions. Their songs are known for their introspection and sincerity, creating a sense of connection with listeners. While they may not be widely recognized on an international scale, Dangers of the Sea has garnered a dedicated following in the Netherlands and has released several albums and singles. Some of their notable releases include "Our Place in History" and "Winter Songs."


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