Subterranean Street Society

Subterranean Street Society is a Danish-Dutch trio that plays a mix of folk, alternative and grunge. Over steel metal resonator guitars, heavily overdriven hollowbody bass guitars, vintage cassette tape noise and dark-beating drums, a road worn voice shouts out poetic tales about tragic heroes, romantic love and vagabonds. Vulnerable story-telling with a manic edge based on a life travelling between venues, festivals and busking on the streets of Europe.

January 1st 2015 street musician Louis Puggaard Müller packed his guitar, said goodbye to his hometown Copenhagen and headed for a new life in Amsterdam. His musical upbringing as a street musician has been a long education where every performance is a final exam, where the sensors of the people always push one to perform at the highest level. If you wanna grab their attention you have to deliver! Only after a few months of playing on the Amsterdam streets he scored an A+ and was invited by National Dutch TV program PAUW to come and sing live in their studio. Three summers in a row Louis travelled with his former band Camp Neverland all across Europe. Here they were living out their hobo dreams of surviving day to day on donations they could gather from their street gigs. It was on these trips he found inspiration for the songs that found their way onto his debut album ¨I'll leave me before you do¨. The album was released on the 16th of September 2016 under his new band name Subterranean Street Society. A band that quickly evolved into a trio, bringing New Zealand drummer Ryan Wilson and Dutch bass player Ivo Schot to the community.


So Sorry

Golden Lady