Vast-loud-blistering-blues-murky-fuzzy-rock-pop-hard-edged-folk-crossover from Amsterdam and Mannheim This music will make you want to get really high, have sex in a strangers car, set it on fire and run off into the woods laughing. Promise.

“The thing we created here together is more likely to become a piece of art, because there’s a mutual interest to create a piece of art. It’s the original idea of making music. It could have been lost, if it weren’t for these people at 27 Tapes.” Suit leadsinger Lex loves the romance of it all. “It’s a bigger picture than just recording. It’s edgy, we’re experimenting a lot, you can really do anything here. Anything can happen with the music, creating it together like this. It kind of feels like hanging with the buddy’s.” Meaning: the buddy’s from 27 Tapes, but also fellow-Suit-ers Rutger, Ivo and Stefan. And their adopted and – literally – trashed guitar, of course. O, and the two babies they made. Baby Alice and the trashed guitar “O yeah, that guitar you see in the recording; that’s a special one. Rutger found it in the trash. But it’s so cool! It has a special sound. We recorded one of the two songs today with that thing.” His favorite song, if he had to pick one the two they recorded at 27 Tapes? “No man, I can’t do that. That’s like picking your favorite child.” [thinking] “But if you put it like that, they’re both really different kids. There’s the one that is very social, likes to hang out. Everybody likes him. It’s a boy. He’s really a peoples person… And then there’s the other one: the girl. She is an introvert, likes to stay at home. Like a little Alice in Wonderland. She doesn’t really feel like sharing, but creates a wonderful world.” Which kid is which song? “I’ll keep that a secret. You go figure that out.” ‘Nighthawks’ in a Suit Lex Brown and the rest of the Suit members – Rutger Martens, Ivo Schot and Stefan Wandel – met in a dodgy bar in Mannheim six years ago “like the painting Nighthawks at the Diner”. Lex: “Since then, it’s been like a family. Beautiful and unique, but also hard sometimes. You have all these personalities, like a patchwork blanket. It took a long time to agree on a nice pattern. But now we made it.”


Blessed with Black

Over The Next Hill