Black Oak


Black Oak is the band formed around singer-songwriters Geert van der Velde (The Black Atlantic) and Thijs Kuijken (I am Oak)....

Both songwriters were long time fans of each other's bands. Black Oak had existed as a concept for years, as a play on each other's band names.

"We had been joking around for years about our "super group" Black Oak", explains van der Velde. But, it wasn't until van der Velde and Kuijken actually sat down to write songs for a split EP in 2014, that the two found out how quickly and effectively they write songs together. “Our writing sessions are the most intuitive writing sessions” says Kuijken. "You give us a couple of hours in a room with two guitars and out comes a song fully formed song".

After the release of the "Black Oak" split EP in 2014, van der Velde and Kuijken kept writing more songs together. These were recently recorded with engineer/producer Matthijs Herder (The Black Atlantic, Sväva, The Horse Company).


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