Hello Piedpiper [DE]


Hello Piedpiper: Mulitple guitar layers, rhythms, melodica, fingerpicking, are added to little walls of sound, and above that, you‘ll find a clear and calming voice that can calm you down in an instant, sometimes complemented with electric guitars and pianos, that will simultaneously remind you of the folksongs from the record player you just heard, the last summer and the moments of silent contemplation under your headphones two hours ago. Hello Piedpiper has been performing on stages all over Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and the Czech Republic, currently mainly playing intimate concerts on smaller stages of small clubs, living rooms and bars. Hello Piedpiper has been on tour with Justin Sane, Audra Mae, Honig, Kodaline, Town of Saints, The Lake Poets, Charlie Cunningham and Susanne Sundfør. He has also supported Bill Callahan, Thomas Dybdahl, Billy Bragg, Young Rebel Set or the Local Natives.


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