New David Celia [CAN] and Marla [DE] tape airing this Wednesday

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On the 13th of March David and Marla took a visit to the Moon Music Studio for a new 27tapes session. The day after their visit they continued touring through the Netherlands, England, France and Germany. The recorded tape will be released on the 3rd of May which is this Wednesday.

David is an innovative singer/songwriter and astonishing guitar player, known for his spontaneously driven live performances. His songs have an open alt/folk style that’s also been described as “Beatlesque”. David has played with Canadian folk legends Ian & Sylvia and Gordon Lightfoot is a fan. As a result of playing sideman to Emiliana Torrini, he was invited to be one of the headliners at Braedslan Festival 2016 in Iceland.

Marla (born 1995) is a German and Spanish singer-songwriter, based in Heidelberg, Germany.

Inspired by traveling the world, 20-years old Marla processes her lost love in her songs, softly picked on her acoustic guitar. Her mellow dreamy melodies accompanied by her airy deep voice remind of artists like Nick Drake and Jessica Pratt. After touring with David Celia in Germany early 2015, she decided to record her debut album in Toronto with him as producer and sideman. She easily won over audiences playing from Toronto, over Montreal up to Halifax.