Mitch Rivers is back with razor-sharp in-house production

Mitch Rivers is back with razor-sharp in-house production

Mitch Rivers is no stranger to the industry; With his new sound, we really took our time. Down The River is the impetus for this new sound and is currently in the larger playlists.

Mitch Rivers released his soul & roots-like album 'Restless Soul, Heartless City' in 2018. Now he's venturing into a bold new sound where he makes pop, sultry R&B, and razor-sharp ballads within the genre. The multi-instrumentalist is not limited by expectations and chooses his own path. We are taking the time to (re)activate his target group and steadily perform his new sound.

Achieved results

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    A perfect in-house production of the single Down The River. Through creative freedom and tailor-made guidance, the single is on its way to becoming one of his better streaming singles.

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    Streaming activation

    With thorough activation, a strong foundation has been created. Through impactful playlists like Stay Tuned and Acoustic Winter, more and more people are discovering Mitch Rivers' music.

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    Mitch Rivers is back. As a result, we work with a policy on upcoming releases and ensure a clean slate. We are involved in production, profiling, and activation.

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    By gradually telling the story in perfect pop songs, we activate a new target group. In line with this basis, we hope to build a bridge to press & radio.


"Music transcends, it connects our experiences, it creates a moment for emotions to be.. it’s healing.."


Mitch Rivers

Mitch Rivers