Rapper Tayyib Ali in collaboration with the Dutch Golvendans

Rapper Tayyib Ali in collaboration with the Dutch Golvendans

The Hi-Fi vintage sound and Ali's smooth flow makes for a groundbreaking collaboration. The songs are nostalgic for old-school hip-hop and successfully resonate within the defined genre.

Tayyib Ali, who previously worked with big names such as Lil Uzi Vert and Rocky Fresh, is going for a new sound in collaboration with the Dutch Golvendans. You could say that the production of Tayyib Ali & Golvendans on-Dutch is good. As a result, the match with Ali's voice is perfect and the songs reach many listeners outside the Netherlands. The single Great Life has already been added to Jazz Rap on Spotify and Last Left resonates with the influential BARS on Apple Music.

Achieved results

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    The production of Tayyib Ali & Golvendans is entirely provided by Polymoon. Vocals are largely recorded in LA, and all tracks are produced in the Netherlands at Moon Music Studios.

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    Streaming activation

    With the (re)activation of the target group, we are steadily working on different tracks. The first singles were included in influential playlists such as Movement, Jazz Rap, and BARS.

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    Radio & Press

    There is airplay on RTBF and Bruzz in Belgium. And Hip-hop N-more and Worldwide Hip-Hop wrote praised reviews about the songs. By evangelizing the individual stories of the songs, we reach the target group.

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    The goal is to reactivate the existing target group and activate a new target group. The sound bridges the gap between Hip-Hop and R&B. An optimum that we focus on.


“This is what I'm passionate as hell about.“

Tayyib Ali

Tayyib Ali & Golvendans

Tayyib Ali